Press Release


Food wasting impacts

Contact: Joshua Williamson, Tamer Burjawi, Tom Digby

Agency: Wasting effects your future

Telephone: 541-504-5664



Impacts of food wasting are being recognized

One of the biggest issues in the world is food wasting, food wasting is a big problem that is effecting our environment.

*  The ABC recorded in 2009-2010 every year countries like America and the UK have wasted 2.3 billion tonnes of food.

*  The loss of food and the waste of food is major effect on lots of our resources.  Water, land, energy and labour.  It also produces greenhouse gas emissions, increasing global warming and climbing change.

*  The ABC environment research has stated that bananas are the main issue when it comes to food wasting.  Bananas are one of the main food in many biomes A way we can reuse our waste is by composting it. Yard wastes and kitchen scraps make up 20-30% of all household wastes, taking up space in landfills and generating methane gas that will eventually leak into the environment. Composting saves landfill space, reduces methane generation, and provides a valuable, cheap resource for improving the soil.

the members in our group are Tamer, Tom and Josh. we are trying to raise awareness to everyone about food wasting, as we discovered it had many effects on today society and environment. this is a school project; the reason why we chose this subject is because we strongly believe that this will have huge effects on future generations current days society and the environment, so we want our people to make changes for a better tomorrow.

A possible food wasting solution is to only buy what you need, also eat what you buy, and if you do not need all the food you have donate it to the homeless, or find a way of recycling it. Compost your unwanted goods.


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